Thursday, 8 October 2009

inside my head

inside my head live…

the thief (steal with your eyes)

the fat Bavarian guy (who shits a lot and therefore always constipates my nose)
the fakir (having to express yourself in English is a quite painful experience at times)

the Chinese translator (everything is being translated from English into Mandarin and eventually into German, this way everything gets lost in translation)

the demon of time (I am afraid to die before I accomplish what I've been put here for)

pornified maneki neko

after pornification

before pornification

It took ages to get the gold paint off, I wasted a good deal of my
life time on that one.


“C” as in cunt (100x62cm)

“two is a couple” (81x47cm, unfinished)

“keep breathing” (39x22cm, unfinished)

i love moto


golden shower (59,4 x 84,1cm)

juicy bag

kid leash


Monday, 5 October 2009

porn quotes

“fuck my mouth as if it was a…”


“wet French dildo…”

disposable bags of misery

use me, crumple me, trash me.

Why can't I have both of you?

could have, should have, would have

you and me... could have been great together.

Sorry Maks, this is not your fault.