Tuesday, 4 May 2010

socialist birdhouses

One can look at the birdhouses as individuals or as an entirety just like every flat in a council estate is a unique flat but at the end of the day in their entirety all these flats are nothing but a big block of concrete. When I was 18 I had spent half my life in Communism and the other half of my life in capitalism. Those first 9 years were crucial to my personal development. Ever since, I am reminded of the familiar territory my friends and I used to wead through. We all went to the same school, our parents had similar jobs, we all had one younger sibling and most importantly all our flats had the same floor plan. Although facing major restrictions during socialism people still tried to individualize some aspects of their life. As all the estates looked terribly alike some parents painted murals on their building entrance so their kids would remember where they lived. Others painted their balcony in a different colour so it would stick out against the overall grey. I don’t know why but dark brown is the colour that I find in all of my childhood memories. Like many things were never or rarely available I guess dark brown must have been easy to supply.